I help clients in academic and creative fields to convey their messages in a clear, professional, audience-appropriate way. Drawing from my years of language study and language work, I also give handy, personalized tips for you to strengthen your writing skills going forward.

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Laura is an outstanding writer, and great with editing. She is very smart, and always provides a quick turnaround response with great quality feedback.  I really needed a lot of help with how to get started on my personal statement for law school, and she was great with providing extensive direction and detailed responses that helped me tremendously with completing my essay. With her help, I was accepted into the law school of my choice.  Overall, Laura is very supportive. She will most likely provide you with more help than you would expect with any type of writing you are working on.

Victoria J. – California, U.S.A.

Laura is a great editor. I am an assistant professor in the social sciences, and I hired Laura for the purpose of editing one of my academic manuscripts. I learned of her services through social media, and what I liked most about the prospect of hiring Laura was her pricing, professionalism, and experience in editing higher education pieces. She edited the manuscript for flow, grammar, clarity, and contextualization. She responded promptly throughout the editing process, was thorough in her work, and working with her was an overall pleasure. After submitting my manuscript with her edits I received a “revise and resubmit” status from the journal, which is looked upon very highly in the academic field because it is the first step towards publication! Since then I have recommended her services to others.

Jennifer – Texas, U.S.A.