Rates are hourly. You are not obligated to purchase a minimum number of hours with me; however, if you want to cap your bill at a set number of hours, please make this clear when you send your document.

First-time clients pay only $10/€10 for their first hour. This introductory rate applies to only one (1) hour on one (1) project. After your first hour, my normal rates will apply.***

Dissertations, and other long projects/contracts may be eligible for a discounted rate or a special rate structure. Details upon request.

Please let me know in advance if time or cost is a concern for you; most clients find my personalized writing tips and grammar explanations helpful, but if you don’t have time for those, I am happy to stick strictly to making changes, while keeping comments and questions to a minimum.

USD Rates:
Standard Rate: $55/hr
Expedited Rate*: $70/hr

EUR Rates:
Standard Rate: €50/hr.
Expedited Rate*: €60/hr.

*Expedited projects are those of any length that require less than a 3-day turnaround and/or those projects that require a pace of faster than 3 days per approx. 20 pages of double-spaced text.)

Payment Methods: Payment can be made in USD through PayPal, or via direct bank transfer in EUR.

These rates are subject to change on or after Oct. 1, 2021.