Academic Bio

My experiences in academia familiarized me with academic writing conventions as well as with the research process itself. As both my graduate and honors undergraduate studies were interdisciplinary, I am adept at working with literature across a variety of fields and can help you render your ideas into more effective prose. I have edited papers in many disciplines, including family sociology, statistical research methodology, agricultural economics, labor economics, philosophy, literature, education, and even medicine.

Undergraduate Education:
The Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College (2006)
Bachelor of Arts: Spanish (B.A.) and Latin American Studies (B.A.)
Minors: Anthropology (with Honors) and International Studies
Foreign Study: Ecuador (2004) and Peru (2006)
Teaching Experience: Biobehavioral Health (Undergraduate TA)

Graduate Education:
The Pennsylvania State University (2010)
Master of Arts: Sociology and Demography (Dual-Title)
Teaching Experience: Graduate Statistics for the Social Sciences (Graduate TA)

My honors undergraduate education at Penn State was rich in the liberal arts, with concentrations in foreign languages and cultural studies. My honors thesis research focused on women’s rural-to-urban migration in the Andes. I also served as a teaching assistant and discussion facilitator in Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development.

Upon graduating in 2006, I was invited to teach Spanish full-time at Penn State’s Main Campus in University Park, PA. I spent two years as a Lecturer, serving also as the Supervisor of the Intensive Intermediate Grammar and Composition Program in my second year. In 2008, I left full-time teaching to pursue my passion for the social sciences.

While enrolled in Penn State’s Ph.D. program in Sociology and Demography, I studied both quantitative and qualitative research methods and worked with both types of data in my assistantships. My assistantship research focused on immigration, children’s healthcare access, and fertility and family planning. My own research focused mainly on immigration, intimate relationships, and parenting. My graduate career was marked with special distinctions, such as invitations to participate in examinations for the United Nations (2010) and for a federal internship program (2010), along with Honorable Mentions from the National Science Foundation (2009, 2010).

After earning my M.A., I enrolled in elective credits with faculty from Penn State’s highly regarded Creative Writing M.F.A. program and ultimately decided to leave the ivory tower to return to my first love: language. Since that time, I have been freelancing as an editor while I explore life on different continents and pursue independent creative writing projects. I have also spent several years as a crisis counselor abroad, completing my training and supplemental educational workshops in Shanghai, China.

There are many reasons why I love editing work, but with academic editing in particular, I especially appreciate that the work allows me to continue learning about cutting-edge discoveries and groundbreaking lines of thought in the research world. If you have any questions about my studies or my familiarity with your discipline, please inquire.