Scope of Services

I can edit a broad variety of document types. Some examples:

  • academic manuscripts
  • English translations
  • web copy
  • brochures
  • personal statements
  • essays

For any document type, I can:

  • proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage errors, and make appropriate corrections.
  • suggest improvements to organization, argument, tone, etc.
  • help you rephrase awkward passages.
  • improve your manuscript’s consistency.
  • highlight ambiguous passages and ask you clarifying questions, so that we can find a more effective way of communicating your message.
  • leave substantive feedback, if I’m familiar with your field.
  • provide personalized writing/grammar tips in the margins — so you can improve as a writer and save time in the future!

For academic documents, I can also:

  • ensure that your manuscript matches the style guidelines of your choice.
  • cross-check in-text citations with Works Cited section.
  • proofread tables and figures for spelling, punctuation, etc.

Please do not expect me to:

  • write any academic paper for you, or any section thereof.  (Exception: if you are a creative professional in need of a blend of copyediting and copywriting for your brand, we can work together.)
  • analyze your data, conduct research, and/or fact-check; if I notice an obviously implausible detail, I’ll let you know. However, otherwise, my services are strictly limited to copyediting and writing consultation.
  • verify that you have cited the appropriate sources for your document; this is your job, as the author. Any misattributed citations in your final draft are not my responsibility.
  • work with plagiarism-checking websites: if you are already worried that your document might fail a plagiarism screen, please consult a colleague or adviser for help. I do not work with plagiarized documents.
  • “rewrite” other authors’ work to make it “your own” — if you are asking someone to do this for you, the work is not your own.

Delivering impeccable work is of paramount importance to me. Hence, if I don’t believe I can help with your project for any reason, I will tell you. I only accept a manuscript when I am certain that I can offer you a valuable service.